Is that so?

Is That So?

The Zen master Hakuin was praised by his neighbours as one living a pure life.

A beautiful Japanese girl whose parents owned a food store lived near him. Suddenly, without any warning, her parents discovered she was with child.

This made her parents angry. She would not confess who the man was, but after much harassment at last named Hakuin.

In great anger the parent went to the master. “Is that so?” was all he would say.

After the child was born it was brought to Hakuin. By this time he had lost his reputation, which did not trouble him, but he took very good care of the child. He obtained milk from his neighbours and everything else he needed.

A year later the girl-mother could stand it no longer. She told her parents the truth – the real father of the child was a young man who worked in the fishmarket.

The mother and father of the girl at once went to Hakuin to ask forgiveness, to apologize at length, and to get the child back.

Hakuin was willing. In yielding the child, all he said was: “Is that so?”

Source: Zen koans


Dico io: se devi farlo, fallo bene

Se il nuovo Papa avesse voluto veramente sorprendere avrebbe dovuto scegliere come nome “Gesù Cristo 2: Returns“.



Quanto più a fondo vi scava il dolore, tanta più gioia potete contenere. – Khalil Gibran

William Robinson Leigh – The mystic

Canto Navajo – Non sono lì, non dormo

“Non restare a piangere sulla mia tomba.
Non sono lì, non dormo.
Sono mille venti che soffiano.
Sono la scintilla diamante sulla neve.
Sono la luce del sole sul grano maturo.

Sono la pioggerellina d’autunno
quando ti svegli nella quiete del mattino.
Sono le stelle che brillano la notte.
Non restare a piangere sulla mia tomba.
Non sono lì, non dormo.”
Canto Navajo


A quelli che domandano se non abbia mai pensato ad avere figli risponderei che io ho già un bambino. Quel bambino sono io.

Ed io ne debbo avere cura.