Oh friend, I love you, think this over – Kabir

Oh friend, I love you, think this over

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Oh friend, I love you, think this over
carefully! If you are in love,
then why are you asleep?

If you have found him,
give yourself to him, take him.

Why do you lose track of him again and again?

If you are about to fall into heavy sleep anyway,
why waste time smoothing the bed
and arranging the pillows?

Kabir will tell you the truth: this is what love is like:
suppose you had to cut your head off
and give it to someone else,
what difference would that make?

Crisi mondiale, un breve riassunto

Tanto per capirci: l’economia è andata a picco a causa dell’uso scellerato delle finanze dello Stato.

Chi ha disposto l’uso di tali risorse? I governanti.

Chi pagherà ora per riassestare le casse dello Stato? I cittadini.

Chi rompe paga, dicono i cartelli nei negozi e a mio avviso tale regola andrebbe applicata anche alla politica.

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