Home is where the heart is

Family is the institution that brings you to life without you asking for it, give you food and shelter and then makes you feel guilty about it for the rest of your life.



I wish you have a good night sleep.

Don’t call me in the morning, you certainly

deserve a better wake-up.

This is not a poetry.


in my world

in my world there is destruction. lots of it.

in my world there are puddles, muddy waters, little frogs.

in my world the dawn is black and never born.

in my world the breathing is short and angry.

in my world there is smoke but no fire, anywhere.

in my world there is no earth, no ears, no cars, no houses, no people, a grey moon that casts no shadow, an blind albino monkey wrestling alone.

come in my world, be together with yourself, in dreams, in dreams.




After living in a cave long enough you start to forget about light.

You think something such as light never existed.

That is your reality, you should respect that.

And no matter how people tell you that actually light still exists, don’t believe them, curse them; they are lucky, they don’t live in your nightmare.



L’Uomo è l’unico animale che ha fallito nel creare un sistema armonico che garantisca a tutti i membri della specie cibo e protezione.

E’ l’ora di smetterla di crederci superiori alle altre specie.


Poesia intima I

Passeri variopinti
passeggiano sulle grondaie
con pesanti stivali di gatto,

Si assiepano lontano
nuvole gravide di miele

aprono scatole bucate
ecco! escono i ricordi non voluti
a mezz’aria.

Le nubi grugniscono e
si dimenano.

Prolungo lo sguardo
e ci volo attraverso.

(“The Absinthe Drinker”, Pablo Picasso ~ 1902)